Time Doesn’t Exist.

Naturally enough, I’ve made the old mistake of thinking there’s time. The deadline is ages away. I can work on this in a leisurely fashion. No rush. That’s true in the beginning.

There’s never time. Not just in the esoteric, “time-doesn’t-exist” way either. The deadline is always now. That’s also true in the beginning.

This is not to say you have to hurry. I can be relaxed and prodigious at the same time. I work better that way. Know in the back of your mind that you have time; no sense doing rush work while you don’t have to.

But if the front of your mind also knows that, you’ll end up pulling 3 all-nighters in a row to finish on schedule. Even if you can do that without getting sloppy (spoiler: you can’t), it’s still kind of masochistic. If you’re in this position because you wanted to take it easy, I’m guessing you aren’t a masochist. But then what do I know?

I know I have 30 days to prep an album for replication, and then send it to 6000 blogs and radio stations. And I have 15 days to get it into the hands of 15 people who made the project possible. I can do that in 20 days and 5 respectively, but who wants to wait around and then be in a rush?

So that’ll be me going back to work.


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